Jobs for Australia & CSHC


With unemployment rapidly rising there must be no higher priority for the Commonwealth than securing jobs. It is a fact that well paid, skilled and secure jobs are dependent on innovation and enterprise, along with low taxes and incentives that make it easy for businesses to invest in people.


Through Malcolm Turnbull's Jobs for Australia initiative, all Australians can now discuss their ideas on how to create, presever and enhance jobs in an online forum at I encourage you to visit and participate in this site.


In addition to the online Jobs for Australia forum, I will be holding a Mitchell Jobs Forum in the near future with key members of our business community to hear their ideas and suggestions. If you are interested in taking part please contact my office.


Recently, I met with local retirees, representatives from the Association of Independent Retirees and members from the Hills National Seniors Australia to hear their concerns regarding proposed changes to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC).


Self-funded retirees who have planned prudently for their retirement with little dependence on Government support will be hit hard by the proposed changes to their eligibility for the CSHC.


I took the concerns I heard to Shadow Cabinet and am happy to announce that the Coalition will be opposing the legislation. I spoke on the Bill on Tuesday, 17 March, sharing the concerns of Mitchell residents with the Parliament. My speech is below or copies are available from my office.