Local Volunteers recognised for overseas service



My office recently held a ceremony for 5 Australian volunteers who have returned from overseas service projects.  The volunteers were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation to formally recognise their efforts towards international development, education and poverty reduction.


Volunteers play a vital role in the Australian Government’s overseas aid program.  Over the past 12 months, over 600 Australian volunteers represented Australia as volunteers through Government and non Government organisations or as Youth Ambassadors.



For many people in developing countries, volunteers are their first contact with Australia.  They give their time and energy as they deliver practical assistance, using their skills and expertise to enhance the living standards of others.


The Mitchell recipients of the Certificate of Appreciation include:


Lisa Siladyi provided nursing care for burns patients in Nuku'Alofa and Bau in Tonga.  Her work included providing plastic reconstructive surgery, tendon reconstruction and skin grafting to burns victims.


Jordan Field and Vincent Abrams spent three weeks in Phu My orphanage in Vietnam caring for 400 children with bed ridden disabilities.  Jordan and Vincent provided personal care to the children as well as renovated dilapidated sections of the orphanage.


Robyn Kassas and Nathan Kassas have brought their non profit performing arts company not only to the people of Mitchell but have also trained disadvantaged students in Kenya and the Solomon Islands.


Each of the volunteers help to enrich our Mitchell community through the benefit of their talents, experience, sprit of service and the links they have built with people in other countries.