Release of the new Defence Export Strategy

Companies in New South Wales will benefit from new Australian Government initiatives, included in the new Defence Export Strategy released on Monday 29 January 2018.

The Turnbull Government is unlocking a future of more jobs and investment in Australia’s defence sector with the release of the new Defence Export Strategy. The landmark document sets out the policy and strategy to make Australia one of the top ten global defence exporters within the next decade. It is an ambitious, positive plan to boost Australian industry, increase investment and create more jobs for Australian businesses.

The Defence Export Strategy brings together all of the levers available to government and industry to provide end-to-end support for defence exports, from building readiness, to identifying export opportunities, and ultimately realising export outcomes.

“We want to do more to support Australian companies, including companies in Mitchell and throughout Western Sydney, to access even more opportunities through the defence export market,” said Alex Hawke.

A strong, exporting Defence industry in Australia will provide greater certainty of investment, support high-end manufacturing jobs and support the capability of the Australian Defence Force.

This Strategy will complement the Turnbull Government’s record $200 billion investment in Australian Defence Force capability, and continue Australia’s record performance in job creation.

“Exports will unlock the full potential of Australian defence industry to grow, innovate and support Defence’s future needs.

“This will provide our defence industry with greater certainty of future investment and support jobs for Australians for generations to come,” said Alex Hawke.

The Defence Export Strategy includes several new initiatives and investments, including a new Australian Defence Export Office, a new Australian Defence Export Advocate, and a $3.8 billion Defence Export Facility administered by Efic, Australia’s export credit agency.

This will help Australian companies get the finance they need to underpin the sales of their equipment overseas. The Government has also committed $20 million per annum to implement Defence Export Strategy and support defence industry exports.

The Defence Export Strategy can be viewed at: