The National Cabinet has agreed in principle to the plan to chart our path out of COVID and set the targets we need to reach get there.

This plan, along with the vaccination targets to get to each stage, is a uniquely Australian plan, based on the clear medical and economic evidence.

Importantly, this plan gives us all a goal to work towards. Our way out of this relies on each and every Australian getting vaccinated.

To move to each phase we need to reach the vaccination target on average as a country, and then each state or territory must also then reach their target.

That’s how we get through this, Australia. One by one, family by family, community by community, going out there, getting vaccinated, getting the job done.

Of course, with every plan it is based on what we know about COVID. If there are any new developments we will do the work to incorporate that back into the plan.

You can read more about the details of each step and the targets we need to reach to get there here: