National Drought Response Plan

In some regions the drought has been going for years.

That is why the Morrison Government continues to deliver additional drought support, most recently with two-year interest free loans for farmers and small businesses that are reliant on agriculture.

These loans will give breathing space to farmers who need help getting through the drought now and prepare for the future.

We are injecting cash into drought-affected rural communities with new funds for local roads, schools, early learning centres, and community projects.

We have also secured an agreement with the South Australian Government to get up to 100 gigalitres of water for the Southern Murray-Darling Basin to grow fodder.

This will produce around 120,000 tonnes of feed for animals, pushing down fodder prices while also supporting rural communities along the Murray.

These new actions build on steps already taken, including:

1: Helping Those Affected Now

• Payments of more than $105,000 over four years, received by more than 12,800 farming families to date.

• Funding for charities to provide immediate assistance including St Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army.

• More mental health services, so farmers and communities can get the support they need.

 2: Support for Communities in Drought

• $1 million each to more than 120 councils, for local projects that employ local contractors and use local suppliers.

• A small business support program so businesses hit by drought can get advice.

3: Building a More Drought-Resilient Australia

• Establishing the $5 billion Future Drought Fund to ensure there is money in the good times and the bad to build resilience. We are also funding 21 water infrastructure projects, many of which are already underway.

For more information, visit drought response or farmhub.