Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt - Visit to ResMed Australia


Thanks, Greg. And look, on behalf of the Government, I really want to say a big thank you to every one of the 1500 workers that is here at this ResMed plant.

We thank them for adapting and dealing with some of the most difficult circumstances in 100 years on this campus here in Western Sydney.

The workforce came together; they worked overnight; they worked long hours; they adapted; they changed; they came together and they produced lots of ventilators – not just to help Australia, but to help Australians help others in the world.

So thank you to every one of the workers that have done their job here at ResMed, this great Australian start-up company that's gone global today. Thank you so much.

And I want to thank Greg Hunt for coming out here. It's important that the Federal Health Minister comes out and sees this on the ground because, from day one of the pandemic, Greg and the Government worked very closely with companies like ResMed, with their workforces, with their engineers, with their innovation teams to get this right.

And to come here today and say thank you to those workers and to see what they've done from the beginning to now, it just shows how Australians have come together during this pandemic to protect Australia, but also to help our neighbours and friends in our region. Thank you so much, Greg.

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Photo credit: ResMed Australia
Left to right: Mr Brett Sandercock, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), ResMed, Ms Nupur Bhushan, Chief People Officer (CPO), ResMed, Minister Hunt, Minister Hawke and Sophia Guo – ResMed Manufacturing Team.