Backing our Farmers - Now

Help for Farming Families

• Providing more than 12,800 farming families with over $105,000 each to cope with the pressures of the drought. Plus an additional $3,000 to eligible affected households experiencing hardship.

• Farmers and their partners have access to oneon-one meetings with their Farm Household Case Officer, a healthcare card, rent assistance, and pharmaceutical, telephone and remote area allowances.

• Access to interest and repayment free loans for farming families, which can save farmers up to $151,600 each year in repayments.

• Rural Financial Counselling Service to help farmers access additional support, particularly when applying for Farm Household Allowance for the first time.

Taxation Measures Now

• Income tax averaging evens out farmers’ income over time to help them better manage their cash flow.

• Immediate deductions on the purchase cost of new water facilities, fodder infrastructure and fencing.

• Until 30 June 2020, farm businesses with a turnover of up to $50 million are able to immediately deduct purchases of eligible assets costing up to $30,000.

Mental Health Services

• Better community-led rural mental health services to help our communities through this drought.

• By removing accessibility barriers we’re allowing more regional and rural Australians access to Telehealth services.

 Improving Access to Water

• On-farm water infrastructure rebates to help farmers install emergency watering points, desilting of dams, and drilling of new water bores to access water.

• Up to 100GL of water – the equivalent of 40,000 Olympic swimming pools – made available for farmers to help farmers by growing more fodder. This will secure long-term supply and push prices down.

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