31 million vaccines throughout Australia

Thanks to more than two million COVID-19 vaccinations in the last seven days, Australia has now passed 31 million vaccines administered overall.  

Well done to the Mitchell community in getting vaccinated and thank you to all those medical professionals making it happen. After over 100 days in lockdown the easing of some of the restrictions has been was wonderful.  I have heard of many stories of family reunions and of course the shops, café's, restaurants, and pubs open for the double vaccinated. 

The Minister for Health and Aged Care announced people aged 18 and over are now eligible to receive any COVID-19 vaccine available in Australia. This includes Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. 

Getting vaccinated is our path to being able to live our lives more normally again - and the best thing we can all do is make sure we keep positive, encourage one another to get vaccinated, and stick to the National Plan.

You can get more information at australia.gov.au.